1 On the Purification Program, a person runs for a period each day to get the blood circulating faster and the system warmed up.

2 Running is followed by sweating out the drug residuals in a sauna. Profuse sweating helps purify the system of toxic substances.

3 Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals is an important part of this program.

Purification Program can improve personality – and IQ!

The dramatic benefits of the Purification Program are illustrated with the Oxford Capacity Analysis personality graphs, above, of two individuals who did the Purification Program. The dotted line shows test results before the Purification Program, the solid line after. These individuals also had IQ increases of 6 points and 8 points respectively.


The following should not be construed as claims made by the Church concerning personal benefits any individual will experience. The Church provides the services. The results speak for themselves.

“I had used drugs ranging from marijuana to freebasingcocaine as well as others in between for three years straight. I was failing in school, disliked myself and had absolutely no inkling as to what I was doing or where I was going in life. The only time I had ‘fun’ was when I was high on drugs.

“I then started the Purification program and finished it in two weeks.

“I have been a changed person ever since! My IQ rose fifteen points from the time I started to completion of the Purification program. I am alive, I no longer have a fog around me—I can see what is really going on in my life rather than living in a ‘fairyland.’ I have been off drugs for six years now and I am a productive person in the society.

“The Purification program completely changed my life. Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for caring enough to invest his life in bettering mankind.” G.S. Purification Program

“People could literally see a difference. The day after I finished the Purification program, people asked me what I did because I looked so different! I ran out a lot of medical drugs. After doing the program, I felt more alert and much brighter. I didn’t just feel brighter, I even looked brighter!” Tara Gerson, Fitness Trainer

“The end result of my Drug Rundown restored me to my teenage years—when I was honest, didn’t take drugs or alcohol; when I was so full of life and enthusiasm; when everything was new and wonderful and I could do anything. All I had to do was decide I wanted something or to do something and it happened. That state has been restored to me now. I’m fifty-three.” S.L.D. Drug Rundown

“I really felt alive again after doing the program and getting the drugs out. My body felt much cleaner.” Kelli Finn, Student

“I did the Purification program and the results were amazing. During the early part I felt for days like I was ‘stoned.’ I would get up in the morning in a mental fog. It was definitely reminiscent of the old times when it was miserable to go to work and the future seemed unimportant. My reaction to pressure situations was just to say, ‘To hell with it’ and ignore it. After some time on this program this went away and by the time I was done I felt more bright and awake than I have ever felt. It has been a couple of years since I did the program, and this feeling has persisted. My life has changed.” S.G. Purification Program

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