A person with attention stuck on the body, and past incidents
The attention of a person withdrawing from drug use can be very stuck on the body, and past incidents can be reactivated heavily.
While the Purification Program rids one of the biochemical residues that reactivate past drug experiences, it is but the first step in a full resolution to the spiritual devastation caused by drug, medicine and alcohol abuse. Other mental and spiritual factors exist and to address these L. Ron Hubbard developed a series of auditing processes and actions that handle the harmful effects of drugs by getting to the very cause of one’s decision to use them. These actions are ministered in churches and missions by highly skilled auditors.

Reorienting to the Present-Time Environment

A person who has been on drugs often becomes disassociated from the world around him or even his physical self, as evidenced by the neglect many drug takers show for their hygiene, dress, health, job, friends and family.

The reason is that, among other things, drugs dull a person’s communication. This is most directly observed in the action of painkillers which shut off the person’s feeling of pain, but it occurs with the use of other drugs as well. Emotions are suppressed with drug use, and perceptions become altered or shut off.

A person often becomes less aware of things and people around him and so becomes less considerate and responsible, less active, less capable and less bright. He factually becomes less conscious of what is happening in the present. One does not have to have been a heavy narcotics addict to experience a lessening of alertness, fogginess or other effects as a result of drug use.

Drugs do something else too: They stick a person’s attention at points in his past. Mental image pictures restimulated from the reactive mind appear in the visions of hallucinations a person sees while on certain drugs. Attention often becomes stuck in these pictures after the drug has worn off, with the cumulative effect of the person not feeling “with it” or cognizant of his present-time environment.

This can be dangerous to the person himself and to others, as seen in the number of drug-related automobile accidents that occur, to say nothing of less serious accidents or goofs that happen because a person is unaware of what is going on around him. Drug use makes a person less alert mentally, can harm memory and has a host of other effects on attitudes and behavior –all residual consequences of the drugs, which persist indefinitely unless audited.

Objective Processes
Objective Processes can extrovert the person’s attention and greatly ease any discomfort. Past incidents drop out of the present and no longer impinge on the person. 
The reason drugs are so harmful spiritually is that they can badly scramble the energy contained in the mind, disorienting and confusing the person. His awareness often diminishes and his capabilities of dealing with the energies and masses of reality are dramatically lessened. A person affected by drugs is thus less able to control the things in his environment and, despite whatever subjective feelings he may have to the contrary, he becomes less powerful and less able.

While on drugs, the pictures in one’s reactive mind can violently turn on, overwhelming the being and making him afraid to confront anything in the reactive mind thereafter. As a result, the person isstopped dead from any mental or spiritual gain.

L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs in drug rehabilitation technology and his full drug handling program directly address each of the above-mentioned phenomena.

To assist those undergoing withdrawal symptoms, he developed a Therapeutic Training Routine (TR) Course. It consists of drills, called TRs, whose purpose is to increase and improve an individual’s ability to confront (to face without flinching or avoiding) and be there in the present. If a person is experiencing withdrawal, this course is done concurrently with the Purification Program step to lessen the discomfort.

To further raise the ability to confront one’s present-time environment, a person’s next step is the Survival Rundown. Here one participates in Objective Processing (auditing techniques which direct a person’s attention to the real, observable, outward objects he encounters), which effectively unfix him from the significances of the mind that have him stuck in his past.

This is a very important factor in mental and spiritual ability. The more a person can exist in the present without his attention stuck in past incidents, the better able he is to deal with his life. He feels brighter, has increased perception, is better able to deal with his environment, and also becomes more able to deal with others.

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